White Planters Row Unit

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A: High-Rate Seed Sensors (Standard)
Accurately monitors a wide range of seed sizes within a wide range of population rates.

A: Seed-Smart Seed Sensors (Optional)
Seed-Smart sensors learn the size of seeds to accurately monitor very small high value seeds at high population levels. A popular option with sugar beet growers.

B: Staggered Closing Wheels
The wheels may be staggered for better residue flow between the closing wheels. Staggering also provides superior seed trench closing capabilities in no-till conditions.

C: Gauge Wheel Bearings
The double-row 40 mm bearings and 16 mm attaching bolt improves the connection between the gauge wheel and the arm. Extended service life of the gauge wheel bearing and attaching hardware can be expected.

D: Seed Clip
The seed tube locating clip positively centers the seed drop tube between the opener discs. The clip reduces the potential of the seed tube contacting the rotating disc openers, which causes seed tube vibration and wear. The absence of seed tube vibration assures a more consistent placement of the seed.

E: Equalizer Arm
The equalizer arm permits lateral adjustment to obtain proper contact between the opener disc and the gauge wheels. Loosening the retaining bolt and turning the 28mm hex adjustment mechanism permits lateral adjustment of the closing wheels against the seed trench openers. The geometry of the row unit to the equalizer arm pivot remains consistent through the full range of adjustment and depth settings.

F: Seed Meter Accessibility
Open-framed row unit allows unrestricted access to the seed meter for meter inspection and changing seed disc.

G: Heavy-Duty Double Disc Seed Trench Openers
The 16ā€ disc openers are 3.5 mm thick for longer disc life and increased durability. The opposing bearing design permits the disc openers to share the cutting duties equally for extended life and superior cutting action.

H: Heavy-Duty Wheel Arms
The gauge wheel arm incorporates non-metallic composite bushings and shaft seals for maintenance free performance. The seal reduces the ingestion of foreign material into the maintenance free composite bushings. Extended operating time improves performance and reduces maintenance to increase the productivity of the planter.

I: Seed Depth Placement Range
The depth adjustment handle provides a visual indication of plating depth along all row units from .25 to 4.5 inches in 1/4 inch increments. Each notch aligned left and right changes the depth 1/2 inch. Walking the handle one notch at a time, side to side, increases the depth 1/4 inch. Seed depth placement numbers are molded into the casting providing a convenient visual indicator of the depth of seed placement (in inches) for each row unit.

J: Closing Wheel Adjustment
Closing wheels incorporate a convenient side-to-side adjustment for alignment with the seed trench resulting in better seed-to-soil contact for faster seed germination.

K: Sealed Hopper Lids
A positive lock molded latch ensures a firm attachment of the hopper lid to the hopper. The positive latch in combination with the sealed lid stops air from escaping the hopper and the maximizes efficient use of air supplied to the row units.

L: Quick Release Meter and Hopper Removal
The hopper mounts into two ā€œCā€ retainers located at the front of the hopper and retained at the rear by two over-center latches. Simply disengage the seed meter clutch and lift the meter and hopper off the row unit by tipping the meter and hopper forward. No tools are required.


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