White Planters 36-Row, 30"

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The 9936-30 features a five-section flex-frame in drawbar tow-behind design that flexes 42 degrees left and right of the center section. The 9936-20 and 9936-22 feature a three-section flex-frame in drawbar tow-behind design that flexes 21 degrees left and right of the center section.

Carrying Capacity

Two 75-bushel Central Fill System (CFS) seed hoppers provide 150-bushel seed hopper capacity for extended planting time between fill-ups.

Seed Drive

The hydraulic seed drive not only provides an infinitely variable seeding rate, but also prescription mapping capabilities. The three section disconnect provides in-cab control of left wing, center and right wing.

Narrow Transport

The three 9936 models offer the advantages of the White Planters positive air seed singling accuracy with the efficiency of the Large Frame (LF) planter acre eating capability. In addition, the LF planter conveniently and quickly transitions from planting to transport.

Preparing for Transport

The row units on the wings are rotated upward in preparation to fold for transport. Each two-section wing is then folded forward.


The planter folds from planting to transport position and the wing gauge wheels are retracted for a convenient 15-foot transport width with ground clearance of 18 inches.

Rubber Tracks

30” x 67” (762 x 1,702mm) rubber tracks provide a large footprint for exceptional floatation. Plant root development is unrestricted by the minimal compaction of the LF planter.


Model 36-Row, 30"
Transport Width ft (m) 15'
Frame Size in (m) 7x7 (178x178)
Tracks Width x Length (2) 30" x 67" Tracks
Tires 33x15.5-16.5, 12-Ply