White Planters 16-Row, 30"

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Undercarriage Provides Even More Flexibility

The undercarriage itself is unique to the industry. Two trunnion-mounted hydraulic cylinders lift the planter. In the planting mode, the planter lifts the row units 8-10” (20.3 – 25.4 cm) above the ground to conveniently turn after each pass across the field. In the transport mode, the planter lifts to its full height for folding the wings.

Wing Section

Each wing section consists of nine row units, with 13 row units on the center section. To plant 30” (76 cm) corn rows, simply lock up the split rows, leaving five row units on each wing section and six row units on the center section.

Central Fill Seed Distribution

The 9831 CFS Planter features the same onboard bulk seed distribution system you’ll find on the 9500 Series and 9812, 9816 & 9824 Central Fill System. The system includes two 45-bushel (1.6 m3 ) translucent polyethylene hoppers for a total capacity of 90 bushels (3.2 m3). Each poly hopper sits on a mixing chamber where air and seed are mixed and discharged via a high-capacity blower to individual row units. This proven system saves you from having to fill each individual hopper, so you can spend your valuable time planting instead of refilling.

The 9831 CFS is ideal for planting corn, soybeans, milo, popcorn, and wheat. The split rows can be quickly lifted and locked in place to go from 15” (38 cm) narrow rows to standard 30” (76 cm) rows. Hydraulic-drive variable-rate seed metering offers a full range of seeding rates. Standard ISO CAN-based variable rate hydraulic drive varies the seeding rate through your predetermined seeding plan – communicating DGPS position and instructing the planter controller automatically as you move across the field from one grid to another.

Flexing Its Wings

The 9831 CFS is classified as a forward fold, but offers the additional benefits of a three-section flex frame. That means when you are planting, the outer wings will flex as they encounter uneven terrain … instead of the center serving as the only pivot point. As a result, you are assured of uniform contact with the ground for more accurate seed placement. The frame also distributes the weight of the planter evenly over the tires. This design reduces tongue weight, dramatically reducing the stress on the tractor drawbar.


Rows/Spacing Available 16-Row, 30"
Transport Width ft (m) 12'11" (3.94)
Frame Size in (m) 7x7 (178x178)
Tires 32/15.5 X 16.5, 14-Ply
Marker Arms Trifold Breakaway