White Planters 9824

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Liquid Fertilizer Option

The 750 gallon (2839.1 L) liquid fertilizer attachment may also be combined with the Models 9812, 9816 or 9824 planters equipped with 2- or 3- bushel (0.07 or 0.11 m2) seed hoppers. Double disc or single disc side knife liquid fertilizer openers may be used in combination with row-unit-mounted tillage coulters. An available factory-installed single piston pump and flow divider accurately meters fertilizer to each fertilizer opener on the Model 9812 and 9816. A double piston pump and two 12-row flow dividers are offered for the Model 9824.

The model 9812 offers a 300 gallon liquid fertilizer attachment in combination with the Central Fill system.

Central Fill System (CFS)

When equipped with CFS, the Models 9812, 9816 and 9824 provide two 45-bushel (1.6 m3) translucent polyethylene hoppers for extended planting between fill-ups and greatly reduce fill-up time. Convenient steps and platform are located at the rear of the planter for access to fill the hopper with seed.

Frame Style

The 9812, 9816 and 9824 planters from White Planters feature a threesection frame providing exceptional frame durability with user-friendly attachments including row-unit-mounted tillage attachments,. The choice of a two-point hitch or drawbar hitch is offered on the 9816 and 9824. Two-point hitch is standard on the model 9812.


Moving from field to field is more convenient than ever with the narrow transport width of only 12 feet (3.7 m).

Wing Flex

The 30-inch-row-width 9800 Series planters feature wing flex of 21 degrees up and 21 degrees down to provide uniform row unit depth control across the width of the planter in varying terrain.

Flex Shaft Seed Meter Drive with Electric Clutch (Optional)

The models 9812, 9816 and 9824 feature a “Plug and Play” individual automatic row shut-off system (in combination with a GPS receiver), to control the electric clutches. The weatherproof flex shaft provides a maintenance free operation of the seed meter. The flex shaft provides trouble free operation when planting into standing residue.


Model 9824
Rows/Spacing Available 24-Row, 30"
Transport Width ft (m) 12' (3.65)
Frame Size in (m) 7x7 (178x178)
Tires 255-70R 22.5 Radial Load Range H
Marker Arms Trifold Breakaway