White Planters 12-Row, 36"

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Yield is money and accuracy affects your yields

The innovative folding mechanism of the 9700 stacker toolbar planter hydraulically lifts the outer wings over the center section, keeping the chemical and seed hoppers upright for transport. Rear fold markers are low-profile and minimize transport height when in the folded position.

When in the planting mode, the outer wings flex 5 degrees up and 5 degrees down to provide accurate seed depth control the full width of the machine in rolling terrain. The wings can also be pinned rigid for planting on beds or to provide precise row width for specialty crop harvesters. Each wing and the center frame section of the 12- and 16-row stacker toolbar planter feature an independent transmission providing consistent seed-to-seed spacing the full width of the planter. On the 8-row planter, two gauge wheels drive a single transmission.


Rows/Spacing Available 12-Row, 36"
Transport Width ft (m) 20'4" (6.20)
Frame Size in (m) 7x7 (178x178)
Tires 9.5L-15, 6-Ply
Marker Arms 2-Section, Rear Fold