Powerful all Tillage, Planting, and Seeding Equipment

No matter the size of the operation, Brillion is a brand that manufactures and designs powerful equipment for all types of Tillage, Seedbed Preparation, and Seeding Equipment needs. For years, Brillion has delivered exceptional results through highly versatile tools that meet expectations.

North Central Ag is proud to be a carrier of Landoll Brillion equipment to help you manage several applications, like controlling soil compaction, conserve moisture in the soil, pulverize clods, form seedbeds, and more. Visit the links below to view our current lines of Brillion Equipment. We offer Brillion Zone Commanders for Compaction Management, Sub Soilers, Chisel Plows available in sizes from 7 to 12 shanks, Pulverizers, Food Plot Seeders, Double Seeder Hitches, Flail Shredders, Seedbed Mulch Tuckers, and more!