Great Plains

Get Better Quality of Seedbed

Great Plains is a division of Great Plains Mfg., Inc., that has been running since the 1970’s. Great Plains is a leader in Seeding Equipment producing high-quality Grain Drills and recognized as a manufacturer of Vertical Tillage and Conventional Tillage equipment, Fertilizer Applicators, Sprayers, Planters, Compact Drills, and Rotary Cutters.

North Central Ag is proud to present you the most reliable tools to perform many Seedbed Preparation and Tillage Applications. Visit the links below and search for the right tillage tool for your land. We carry the Heavy-Duty Ultra Chisel Plows, The Hipper Bedder, a variation of the Lister Cultivator, The Center Pivot Hitch, High Capacity Trailer Sprayers, Cultivator Air Drills, Folding Rotary Cutters and more!