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Agriculture is more volatile and complex than almost any other industry. Rising production costs, increased global competition and fewer government subsidies cut into margins. Wells Fargo’s financial solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of production operations, agribusinesses and farmers.

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As one of the largest commercial bank agricultural lenders in the country, Wells Fargo has supported farmers and producers on an ongoing basis for years.

Our expert bankers understand the credit needs of the industry as well as the value of specialized agriculture collateral. They can help structure reasonable and realistic credit whether you want crop production loans or agricultural real estate loans. You may even be able to use leasing alternatives.

If you require a line of credit to help manage your cash flow effectively, consider BusinessLine®. Draw down the line when needed for working capital and repay it as cash flows in after inventory, crop or livestock sales.

Whether you need to buy a pick-up truck, tractor or milking machine, there are several ways to finance agricultural equipment. Equipment Express® can help you acquire new and used equipment and vehicles quickly and easily. Leasing options are also available.



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